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Seminars, competitions, gradings and lots of afterschool clubs

Since February I and Banstead TaeKwon-Do have been extremely busy and I haven't dedicated enough time to sharing news about the club, the events we've participated in, and the students achievements.

The club has grown well since return to play after COVID restrictions, and I would put much of this down to word-of-mouth and a wonderfully positive community we are all part of.

We have our core members who have stayed with us all through COVID lockdowns; restrictive training in the local parks; training indoors but not able to touch each other; training with masks; instructors wearing face shields; and finally through to proper return to play in September 2021.

From June 2021 we have had many new beginners and some returning to training after a long lay off. All of these beginners are doing so well and enjoying their training. If they were to look back at where they were in June 2021 and now at June 2022 they would be surprised. It's hard to see progress in yourself but consistent training, attendance and goal setting makes it all possible and the hard work worthwhile.

Since Easter 2022 the club was approached by 3 local schools to run after school clubs and I am pleased to now be able to have the time to provide expert level after school martial arts classes.

I am continue to offer classes to 3 local school from September 2022 and onwards, and I would be pleased to hear from other schools too. There are many lessons we can take from the TaeKwon-Do system and create a useful class for any school.

I would like to make Banstead TaeKwon-Do the most professional provider of afterschool martial arts classes in the area and give the school pupils experience of an activity that gives so many benefits.

The afterschool club boom gives me a fair amount of administration activity which goes some way to explain my delay in posting about club news: I have much to say and each one deserves their own slot and each one will have a short post soon:

  1. Grand Master Nardizzi seminar for 4th Degree's and above

  2. TaeKwon-Do Impact Under 13's Competition

  3. ITF England development session

  4. TaeKwon-Do Impact 13 - 17 and adults competition

  5. Afterschool Clubs

  6. Grading news

Other than that training in class is going very well, we have the newer members working hard on their level of material and we have some teenagers that have been with me for 10 years or more working hard towards the possibility of Blackbelt gradings later in the year.

Here are a couple of the teenage Red belts working on a sparring drill with movement restrictions.

If you are interested enough to come and give TaeKwon-Do a go please just fill out the contact form here and get in touch.

-------------------------------------------------- James Davis 5th Degree International Instructor & Examiner Banstead TaeKwon-Do m: 07850 438 898 e: w:

i: f: t: --------------------------------------------------

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