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Overjoyed: adjective [ after verb ] extremely happy. Banstead TaeKwon-Do student awarded Blackbelt

I am 'Overjoyed' to announce that after 15 years of TaeKwon-Do my daughter, Edie Davis, has received the recognition she deserves and passed a strenuous lengthy test to 1st Degree Blackbelt in ITF TaeKwon-Do.

Family TaeKwon-Do Blackbelts
Father, Son and Daughter - ITF TKD Blackbelts

Edie has had, probably, the most difficult time during her journey to ITF TaeKwon-Do Blackbelt - Her Dad being the instructor, running his own TaeKwon-Do school, Edie being the 'first born' and Edie struggling with processing, remembering sequences, and being dyslexic. However, her theory and understanding of how TaeKwon-Do works is amongst the best, she really 'get's it'.

Grading under Master R Dennis VIII

Edie had a tricky grading under Master Dennis VIII with only two other applicants for Blackbelt Degrees, so there was nowhere to hide.

Edie being congratulated by Afi

Her Patterns are always spot on and she has won many Gold medals at Colour belt level for her performances. She is less than 5ft tall so struggles with generating as much power as someone with longer levers, but showed sufficient power when tested. Her sparring skills are very good, she used to lack confidence however in class sparring despite sparring at high level competitions and performing well, her sparring on this day was very good. Her self defence has always been a priority and despite being small still demonstrated a good understanding of what to do, when, and how to do it.

Edie struggles with remembering theory and sequences but her true understanding of how TaeKwon-Do works is at a very high level and she can often spot errors in peoples movements where other instructors can't or she can find ways to explain things to help people understand concepts easier.

4 Years Old - The Original TINY TKD'er

I used to take Edie with me on a Sunday morning so that I could train with Master Dennis in Sutton. Edie generally didn't sit still and watch, she generally made her own fun on the side of the dojang. She has always done things 'HER' way, and that's true for everything she has done and no doubt will continue to do, but people like this are the innovators and the leaders.

Edie has been exposed to high level martial arts training literally her entire life.

As she was approaching 4 years old I focussed energy on finding locations to open up a TaeKwon-Do school with the prime objective of seeing Edie through to Blackbelt as a teenager. She was the impetus for me to start teaching TaeKwon-Do, hence the birth of TINY TKD and Banstead TaeKwon-Do.

TINY TKD - the best activity for your young martial arts student.

Edie was the prime driver for the opening of Tiny TKD, and I asked our small network of friends we'd made at school to bring their children along to try it out.

Many of the original Tiny TKD students continued through to Junior TKD and some to Senior TKD, and Edie and Georgia made it all the way to 1st Degree blackbelt. There have been others since of course, going the whole way from Tiny to Blackbelt as a Senior.

Two young TaeKwon-Do students looking happy
Edie and Georgia - their first TINY TKD test

Ups and Downs, Gradings, Competitions - Perseverance

All through Edie's time at Banstead TaeKwon-Do she has taken part in competitions and excelled in Patterns, did well in sparring and special technique despite finding those two disciplines very hard. There are many gold medals in her drawer and on the back of her door, but more importantly Edie developed a real sense of perseverance during her time as a coloured belt...

There were gradings were she was unsuccessful, and with her Dad as the examiner some might thing she'd be given an easy time but she was graded and judged objectively. There were times she saw her friends overtake her in the grading system.

There were times she got hurt in competition, there were tears, blood, ups and downs.

"I don't want to go TKD tonight!"

There were so many times Edie (both Edie and Ethan) said this to me at home before going to class, but with less and less activity happening in schools we decided at home they must get exercise and make it a habit. So, without fail, unless actually unwell, Edie was taken to class and usually she had fun and make good progress.

Through all this we helped her develop strong perseverance, good healthy exercise habits, a high level of self control. All of which has proven to come in handy when she moved away for University.

Congratulations - CIPSI

Really, this is huge. Congratulations to Edie on, not just achieving her 1st Degree Blackbelt in ITF TaeKwon-Do but embodying the TaeKwon-Do Tenets in her life.

Edie has proven to be a wonderful example of a teenage (now adult) Blackbelt, she is courteous in her everyday life, honest, actively tries hard in her endeavours, shows Self Control in her behaviours, and often has shown true grit and determination when the chips are down knowing the outcome might not be successful.

Edie is a great representation of Banstead TaeKwon-Do.

Hello Cambridge

Edie moved away from Banstead TKD in September 2023 to start University at ARU in Cambridge. ALL the skills she has developed through TaeKwon-Do are holding her in good stead while living away from home and several times (so she has told us) she has realised how confident she is in very difficult situations.

She has continued her TaeKwon-Do at Cambridge TKD.

Goodbye, see you soon

Through the Years

TaeKwon-Do: Martial Art of Self Defence

And perhaps moreover, a very Worthwhile activity for people of all ages. Spend time in TaeKwon-Do, like Edie, develop true skills that you can rely on in all aspects of your life.

Start TaeKwon-Do Now:

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11am Tadworth adults

3:30PM Seaton House ASC

6pm Junior TKD

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Tuesdays: 3pm Beacon School ASC

Wednesdays: 1:30pm St Andrew School Self Defence

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Thursdays: 11am Tadworth Adults

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4pm Reigate Grammar ASC

Send me an email: or Give me a call: 07850 438 898

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