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Practice, Practice & Practice

A student of ours is in Russia for 6 weeks, and she is a very dedicate student at not even 10 years old. She practiced hard all through 2020 & 2021 lockdowns with online group lessons and once a week private sessions and has developed an excellent 'training at home' habit.

She is close to grading for Blue Belt and didn't want to have a 6 week break from training, so even though she is thousands of miles away from our classes she has been sending in videos and photos for me to offer advice on.

Regardless of any technical advice I may offer, the most important thing is that she is out practicing and that is what is applauded and rewarded. She will be attending a grading in September, and fingers crossed does her best.

Sidekick Practice for online instructor feedback

Banstead Martial Arts student practicing TaeKwon-Do Kick for Online Instructor Feedback
Side Kick practice for online feedback

Consecutive Sidekick Training for online instructor feedback

And here is my comments video, which I do for all students on my Blackbelt Plan. These students have access to me all the time throughout the week and submit videos for me to offer advice on in between the real life classes they attend. This really helps supercharge the learning process and offers and effective springboard for the students development:

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