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Karam in Korea

Karam in Korea

In July 2019 one of our Tiny TKD'ers was just about to graduate to the Junior TKD classes but his Mum, Haryun, told me they were moving back to Korea for a few years. So, sadly, we had to say goodbye to Karam and wish him well on his new adventure, he promised to take up TaeKwon-Do again once he had settled in to his new surroundings.

Teaching Karam was great fun, he learnt quickly, made friends, and became very good at Turning Kicks (Dollyo Chagi). He also taught me a few sentences of Korean speaking language.

A few days ago Haryun sent me a message to say they had settled in well and that Karam has started training in TaeKwon-Do again and enjoying it. She said they would return to us in about 5 years time and that Karam had said that he will return as a Blackbelt. I bet he will too, and I look forward to it.

Thank you to Haryun for allowing me to post about Karam.

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