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Banstead TaeKwon-Do Reunited: September 2021

Being able to train again in large groups with minimal restrictions feels liberating. We are free to practice all aspects of our Martial Arts while following only simple good health practices to try to keep everyone safe in class.

We have had two full weeks of training with only the TINY TKD classes (4 - 7 year olds) still on hold. The JUNIOR TKD and TEENS & ADULTS are in full swing with many people returning to full training after the lockdowns.

While some students stuck with ZOOM classes and outdoor sessions during 2020 & 2021 that system didn't suit everyone and some people decided to take a break. It's wonderful to see those people return to the Banstead TKD family since real life classes have re-launched.

Sometimes, "The Gym", "The Sport", "The Game" just isn't enough and I know those that stick with martial arts training for an extended period find a missing link, they find something they can't get elsewhere.

Fitness, body weight strength, body control, mobility, flexibility are all by products of steadily training in martial arts. Being part of the Worldwide community is where it's at.


We should applaud those newcomers to the class, those special ones who made a £10 commitment to themselves; a commitment that helped them enter the training hall; helped them complete their first session and ultimately helped them continue their trial through September. Well Done to you students.


There have been a few existing students that struggled more than others during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns and now, having the courage to be out more, have made a return to the Do-Jang. These are real tough people, tougher than you can imagine, so tough they have managed to draw upon their previous training and overcome situational complications to ensure a return to their community. They are WARMLY welcomed with open arms and happily training alongside their old training partners, those same people they traded blows with, traded black eyes or fat lips with, broken bones in some instances, and maybe some Blood Sweat & Tears over the years.


Even though TaeKwon-Do ITF is a contact activity and you will get punched in the face eventually, kicked in the ribs, you may get winded, you might get that black eye. The people you train with twice a week, week in and week out, every week of the year are the ones that might give you that bruise, but when the egg-timer runs out and the bell rings you know that it's all done in the vein of TaeKwon-Do. This is building communities, friendships and, ultimately, trust. Those training partners are the ones that 'have your back'.


We're keen to introduce TaeKwon-Do to more people, we have the facilities and instructors to have a full class of beginners running alongside our full class of established students - especially for Teens and Adults.

If you are keen to check things out then go over to the trial registration page:

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