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Summer Camp 2019

7 Students from Banstead TKD attended the camp

A very quick report to tell you about the Master Dennis (VIII) Summer TKD Camp that took place in the last week of August.

This year, seven students from Banstead TaeKwon-Do attended the summer camp run over 4 days. They got time to practice all aspects of TaeKwon-Do, and had time to practice for a demonstration, make friends, have some relax time and hang out on the bouncy castle. So, even though it's 4 days of TKD focus they also get time to do other things to make for a well rounded week.

Having spoken to all the Banstead students or their parents, all accounts of the week were very positive as they are every year.

Each of these students get 2 Banstead TKD attendance days for 1 day of camp, so these guys all receive 8 attendance days which goes towards their 'minimum' attendance register for upcoming gradings. (NB: just because you meet minimum requirements it doesn't mean you'll be ready to pass a grading)

During the week the students take part in various competitions and we have the results here:

Aidan: Patterns = Bronze; Grappling = Bronze

Edie: Patterns = Silver; Sparring = Bronze; Grappling = Bronze; Gold Recognition Award

Ethan: Grappling = Gold; Sparring = Silver;

J: Sparring = Gold; Patterns = Gold; Gold Recognition Award

L: Sparring = Silver; Patterns = Silver; Special Technique = Silver

Hollie: Sparring = Gold; Patterns = Silver; Grappling = Gold; Gold Recognition Award

Gabriel: Patterns = Bronze

A haul of medals after a successful week. If you want some of this then you have to step up and take part.


Well done guys and girls and thank you to Master R. Dennis for running a successful and welcoming TaeKwon-Do Camp. -------------------------------------------------- James Davis 5th Degree International Instructor & Examiner Banstead TaeKwon-Do m: 07850 438 898 e: w:

t: Twitter: --------------------------------------------------

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