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Daniel Does Good

Daniel, pictured with his mum's permission, has done great recently.

He has has a real rough 6 months or so but continued to come to my classes even though the club returned to Banstead after being in Carshalton for a few years. Our new training location was much further away for him, but his mum could see how much he enjoyed TaeKwon-Do and managed to find a way to make sure he got to classes.

Daniel started with Banstead TaeKwon-Do in 2019 in the TINY TKD classes, and then graduated to JUNIOR TKD after lockdown. Junior TKD students learn the full ITF Junior TaeKwon-Do syllabus.

Daniel has been keen to sit his first real TaeKwon-Do grading for a long time, and has been working very hard recently. Circumstances worked against Daniel for our December grading and he wasn't able to attend but he stayed positive and showed great PERSEVERANCE and continued to work towards his goal, this time even harder than before.

I could see how well he was progressing in class so over recent weeks I set him some challenges, one of which was to stand up in front of the class and teach some new beginners. I was confident he would do well, but he did better than well, he did AMAZING. He taught those new students, who are older and bigger than him, very well indeed and they learnt their routine in no time.

I decided to set him a new challenge of grading in front of the whole class, and parents, on his own the following week.

Daniel completed his verbal theory test in front of the class for all to hear and then at the end of a very physical class he performed all the physical aspects to a very high standard.


I am very pleased to announce Daniel was successful in his grading and is now an officially recognised 9th Kup in ITF TaeKwon-Do.

I am sure Daniel will continue to progress well.


If you are considering an activity for your children or yourself then perhaps look at TaeKwon-Do, the martial art has several different facets that allow people to find an area that they can really get to grips with and find a way to achieve.

TINY TKD is for 4 - 6 year olds

JUNIOR TKD is for 7 - 12 year olds

SENIOR TKD is for Teens and Adults

Get in touch.

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