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Competition Results: U13 Yellow and Greens 28/4/2018


Excellent efforts from all Banstead TKD members who attended the competition, all of whom gained valuable experience.


Patterns decisions didn't go our way on this occasion, it's very hard doing patterns in competition. You've got to be pretty much perfect to get the Vote. So no medal points but Luke certainly was the closest and got through many rounds. Usually we score very highly in patterns, so we'll refocus our technical efforts and look forwards to the next opportunity to shine.


Sparring was significantly Banstead and has proven that regular attendance and our new recent method of repetition of basic tactics and skill development is the way for significant progress.

Joe did excellent in his first competition as a green belt but alas no medal points, despite impressive efforts and amazing scoring flying kicks.

All the twice-a-week-ers performed significantly more skilfully that the competition:

Luke Gold in Yellow belt for his height category

Ethan Gold in Green belt for his height category

Jack Gold in Green belt for his height category


Special Technique Jumping Kicks saw:

Luke Silver

Jack Silver

Joe Gold

So out of 4 competitors Banstead achieved:

6 Medal position of which:

4 Golds

2 Silvers

WELL DONE and I look forward to congratulating you all in class.


EDIE DAVIS stepped up to be COACH for the day, she did an excellent job of rallying the troops to practice, get equipped for sparring and added valuable sparring verbal support. Another step towards BLACKBELT.

Grandmaster Nardizzi offered his congratulations to the Banstead competitors and said they have a bright future in TaeKwon-Do, huge potential for international representation.

Thank you to the Mums and Dads for spending your afternoon in Croydon.


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