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We went to the Croydon TKD mini tournament

May 25th 2024 saw a team of Banstead TaeKwon-Do Students attend the TaeKwon-Do Impact HQ in Croydon for a mini tournament run by Croydon TaeKwon-Do.

These mini tournaments are an excellent introduction to TaeKwon-Do competitions, it gives first time competitors the chance to experience an entire event in a less intimidating way. It's great for first time parents too, they feel the nerves of their young competitors, they learn the need to keep food and water on had, to listen for their names and be ready in the right place at the right time. These small tournaments are a learning process for everyone, competitors, parents, umpires and they are great preparation for larger tournaments such at the IMPACT OPEN 2024 on June 30th.


In most TaeKwon-Do tournaments we compete in 4 areas:

  1. Patterns (set routines of fundamental movements against an imaginary opponent)

  2. Sparring (free flowing continuous point fighting to ITF rules)

  3. Special Technique (Flying Kicks to targets)

  4. Power Test (for over 18s, against breaker boards)

This mini tournament allowed for Patterns and Sparring only, and each competitor was encouraged to take part in both. Each event has categories based on belt level, age, height and weight in an effort to make it as fair and competitive as possible.

Video Snapshot

Some parents sent me some videos...

Results from Banstead TKD

We have a good track record at competitions and I would like to congratulate everyone who took part, especially those from Banstead - you all certainly behaved well and represented your club with pride.

A competition is especially hard for very young first time competitors, we need to say a special congratulations to Alan, Sebastian and Oscar as this was their first competition and only at Yellow Tags too.

I run a points system:

Entering = 1 point

Bronze = 1 point

Silver = 2 points

Gold = 3 points

Anna and Luke have 6 points each, so far.

The points will get added up over the year, at the end we will see who is the competitor with the most points.

Well done everyone - on to the next, The Impact Open in Haywards Heath June 30th 2024.

Thank you

Thank you to Croydon TaeKwon-Do Academy and GrandMaster Nardizzi for organising the event, we look forward to the next.

Keen on Trying TaeKwon-Do in Banstead, Surrey?

We have classes for all ages and all abilities, and for beginner or experienced alike. Just get in touch for more information:

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