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We Now Run After School TaeKwon-Do Clubs

I started Banstead TaeKwon-Do in 2009 for a variety of reasons, a few of them being:

  • I believe to progress through the TaeKwon-Do system one should become a teacher and run their own classes.

  • To provide my own children with excellent fitness and strength opportunities

  • To provide an excellent activity to people of all ages

  • To try to introduce to schools the benefits of martial arts training

Since 2009 I have run short courses, enrichment sessions and self defence for schools local to Banstead, and community groups like Scouts and Girl Guides.

I have wanted to run afterschool clubs for local schools but had to prioritise my own children and their logistics and my actual day job in Croydon.

However, since the Pandemic I have been working from home permanently and my children are of an age where the school run is no longer a necessity (although I still do it mostly). So with the extra time available and the ability to duck out away from the desk for an hour or so at a time I put the feelers out to see if some local Banstead schools would like First Class Martial Arts as a after school club option.

It seemed to all happen at once.

Some parents of my existing Junior TKD students asked within their schools AND almost at the same time several schools contacted my asking for interviews because they wanted Martial Arts in their schools.

I have strong beliefs that when offering TaeKwon-Do to schools it really must be first class so as to promote TaeKwon-Do in the right way. There are a few TKD afterschool businesses in the area but Banstead TaeKwon-Do offers the highest qualified and most rounded martial arts education a school could need.

Armed with my nearly 30 years of TaeKwon-Do and background training in Silat and several unarmed self defence systems I attended interviews at Aberdour, Chinthurst and The Beacon.

I am pleased to say that for Summer Term 2022 I ran successful clubs for: Aberdour - TINY TKD Chinthurst - TINY TKD and JUNIOR TKD

The Beacon - TEENS TKD

And the even greater news is that I am back at these schools from September 2022 and will continue to produce great sessions.

St. Andrews in Leatherhead have contacted me for Self Defence and Practical Self Protection for their 6th formers from September 2022 as a once-a-week enrichment session. I am looking forward to running these 11 sessions next term, with the hope they immediately see the benefit.

DOES Your School need my AfterSchool Club (or during school)?

I have some limited availability from September 2022 and would be keen to fill the diary. Fridays are a good day as I am booked out on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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