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Tiny TKD - Martial Arts Beginnings for young children

The TINY TKD classes are the start of it all.

It is a specific program designed for 4 - 6 (7) year olds

This is where the children experience a structured physical class based on martial arts exercises which concentrate on gross motor skill development for athletic movement and co-ordination.

​There is a strong emphasis on group activity and learning core basics of Martial Arts, both Physical and Mental.

Since 2009 we have had many students start in the TINY TKD classes progress to the juniors and now, 10 years on, we see some of those same students train and lead with the Teens and Adults. These students, that last through the system, really have developed many of the attributes that TaeKwon-Do Training is aiming at.

If you are thinking to yourself if TaeKwon-Do with Banstead TKD is worth the effort for you and you young child then come along to a class in September and check it out. Commitment and consistent attendance is super important and reliability is something we really try to instil in the youngest students.

We can help people grow up to become reliable, trustworthy, hard working, attentive, enthusiastic, confidence and compassionate individuals. All our teens illustrate these wonderful qualities, it has come from years of training.

Enroll, try, see what you think.

As the TINY TKD student progresses through to JUNIOR TKD they experience competitions and gradings which exposes them to a certain degree of stress and nerves and they learn to cope with these things so that when they are through the TEENS AND ADULTS they can cope with more difficult times without too much disruption. So exams, driving tests, job interviews, all seem a little less stressful after they have put themselves through training, competitions, gradings and made lots of friends along the way.

Check out our classes, find TINY TKD, register to come along and have a go. Current class all here:

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