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Ten Years of Banstead TaeKwon-Do

We will be "dining out" on the Ten Year Anniversary for some time, I am sure...

About 3/4 of Banstead TKD students and some special guests

The first Wednesday of September is the Banstead TaeKwon-Do anniversary and this year we celebrate 10 years of our Martial Arts club.

I asked for all existing students, any historical students and some special guests to attend on Wednesday September 4th 2019 for a special celebratory class where we would look back on 10 years, spoke a little about what it took to get to 10 years and a bit of social time too.

Just briefly:

  • Thank you to everyone that came along on Wednesday

  • Thank you to all the parents of the juniors who stayed, I know it was a school night and I know you probably needed to get back for bedtime routine.

  • Thank you to all the special guests that came along: past students, parents

  • Thank you to Steve Elliot (IV) who, since I moved back to Surrey, has always been the best of training partners and inspirations

  • Thank you to Master Dennis (VIII) who made a real special effort to come along on Wednesday. He arranged for someone else to run his usual Wednesday class in Dorking so that he could be with us.

  • Thank you to my wife for organising the "10" cake and all the other bits and bobs on offer that evening.

  • Thank you to all the Juniors who, for the first time ever, sat still and quiet for the entire duration of my 'too-long' speech.

  • Thank you to my students for organising a lovely signed card and gift to mark the occasion. I've not photographed that yet, I can get at least another piece of blog material using that ;)

I'll post a video of my long speech soon ;) so that you can all listen to it again and again.

I'll post a selection of the hundreds of photographs I prepared for the slideshow that evening, there are some really great pics and it's so cool to see that changes that people have been through.

In the meantime please have a quick look through some of the photos that were taken from the evening...

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