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Master Dennis Summer Camp 2021 - SMILES all round

4 TaeKwon-Do Students showing medals won by Banstead TaeKwon-Do
Dan, Georgia, Edie and Ethan, friends since Birth and TKD since forever

When I took this photo I asked for them all to show their true feelings about their 3 days on the Master Dennis VIII TKD Summer Camp, obviously being teenagers this was met with various unusable photos - however, this one captures things pretty well.

Georgia, Dan (siblings), Edie and Ethan (siblings) have done TaeKwon-Do with me at Banstead TKD since they were all 4 years old. And now with both girls 16 years old and both boys 13 years old they are in the part of their lives and training where they will get most development - as long as they stick with the programme.

Having known each other since as long as they can all remember and having trained hard together for a long time, experienced highs and lows, wins and losses, blood, sweat and tears and shared in each others successes it is no doubt they managed a smile on this occasion wearing their new jewellery.

The Master Dennis summer camp is held in Tadworth Primary and this year was 3 days of 8 hours of training encompassing plenty of practice in all areas of ITF TaeKwon-Do and take downs, grappling, ground work, and competitions.

As you can see they all scored highly in their respective height, weight and grade divisions, and the results are: Georgia Gold in TALL sparring; Bronze in Red belt patterns

Edie Gold in Red belt patterns; Silver in SMALL flying kicks

Dan Silver in TALL sparring; Bronze in TALL flying kicks

Ethan Silver in TALL flying kicks

Dan also was awarded the trophy for exceptional improvement and dedication.

Well done to all who attended and thank you to Master Dennis for running with the Summer Camp despite the challenges that presented themselves.

-------------------------------------------------- James Davis 5th Degree International Instructor & Examiner Banstead TaeKwon-Do m: 07850 438 898 e: w:

i: f: t: --------------------------------------------------

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