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Competition: TKD Impact Mini Tournaments

I know I am horrendously late with this post, but 'better late than never' ?

There have been two mini tournaments organised recently by TaeKwon-Do Impact and Grand Master Nardizzi; one was for Under 13's; and the other for 13 to 17 year olds.

Under 13's Mini Tournament - March 19th

This event was held on March 19th at the Impact Centre in Croydon which is a full time and professionally equipped TaeKwon-Do gym with all the facilities we need to have small and successful competitions.

Banstead TaeKwon-Do Students does a reverse punch in sparring tournament
A proper reverse punch

We had, I think, 5 junior TKD students take part:

  • Anna

  • Luke

  • Omar

  • Nate

  • Oliver

  • Chayne

  • Zack

  • Will

All our Banstead TKD students showed great determination and persevered over their nerves to engage in either their first tournament ever (which is super scary) OR their first tournament for over 2 years because of... COVID.

Omar, Nate and Oliver did great taking part and I remember them having a good time being with the rest of the team and cheering each other on.

  • Anna won GOLD in Patterns and SILVER in Sparring

  • Luke won GOLD in Sparring and SILVER for Special Technique

  • Chayne won BRONZE in Sparring and SILVER for Special Technique

  • Zack won GOLD in Patterns

  • Will GOLD in Special Technique and BRONZE in Sparring

We need to also say a BIG THANK YOU to all the Red Belt Teenagers of:

  • Georgia

  • Edie

  • Jack

  • Dan

  • Ethan

These guys gave up their afternoon to coach the younger members of Team Banstead TKD through their tournament. These red belts have been competing for many years and have a heap of experience to draw upon. Well done and Thank you

13 - 17 Year Olds Mini Tournament - May 7th

TKD Impact organised the same type of mini tournament for the JUNIOR TKD students aged 13 to 17.

Georgia and Dan having competed at the Teens Mini Tournament

We have a good group of teenage students all of whom are very good but I think had already had other events on for the day, so this time round we only had Georgia and Dan take part in the tournament.

They both had a tough time with tough competition in the other Red belts taking part that day. The patterns went well enough IIRC but the decisions didn't go Dan's way this time, and Georgia had a slight stumble in the final I think and came away with SILVER.

The sparring was a wake up call with high energy and high intensity just as if the Red Belts had been saving it all up for 2 years.

Well done to Georgia and Dan for being excellent competitors and representing the club very well indeed.

On to the next event...

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