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TKD British Open November 25th Registration Information

Dear Students,

RE: Major TKD competition, ITF British Open Nov 25th

This will be a long but rewarding day competing against lots of others from England, Scotland and Wales. You will get your chance to test some of your training in Patterns, Sparring, Special Technique and Power Test for the over 18's.

It is in Crawley so not too far for us, I think we should support this event. It will be big, busy, tiring, take all day but I hope it will be a learning experience for us all. There may well be people from other countries taking part too.

Interestingly this competition is open to licensed White Belts too, I know some will be keen.

Please see the attached Official Invitation and then use the link below to register with me for the event, then make payment to me for the £30 (£40 if you're a Blackbelt)

  • Who: Open to all Students, white belts included

  • What: ITF British Open

  • When: November 25th 2017, all day (but you can leave when you're finished)

  • Where: Crawley, K2 Centre

  • Why: Experience

  • Cost: £30 colour belts, £40 Blackbelts - payable to me first please

Registration Link:

I look forward to receiving your registrations.


Kind regards,

Mr Davis (IV)

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