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Banstead TKD Moves Location

In April 2017 we had to move halls by necessity, not through choice.

We had the pleasure of using the Priory School Banstead Sports Hall for our TaeKwon-Do classes for almost 7 and a half years. January 2017 saw the announcement that, sadly, the Priory School would be closing down from July 2017 and moving and rebranding as Banstead Prep School on the Greenacre School site off Sutton Lane.

It became a necessity for the club to find new premises to train and run classes, and when looking for a new hall my priority for finding a new location had to be:

  • A good quality floor

  • A reasonable sized room

  • Somewhere that had availability for 3 hours at a time

  • Somewhere that allowed the classes to remain on the same nights at the same times

  • As close to Banstead as possible

I called many halls and schools and Stanley Park High had what we needed and it's not too far from Banstead at all, I think 4 minutes from Greenacre by car. For those asking why I couldn't just move all he classes to the new Banstead Prep School site, the school have told me they are restricted by land convenants to stop hall usage at 7pm and as our classes go on until 9pm it proved to not be possible.

We still run classes in Banstead Village at Greenacre / Banstead Prep on Tuesdays, Tiny's 5:30 - 6pm, Juniors 6 - 7pm) and we run their after school TaeKwon-Do Club too. If we could get our own premises in Banstead, now that would be ideal...

Here are just a few memories from the Priory hall, there are 1000's more, we are sad to leave but certain that it's all to do with the people rather than the precise location of the classes ;)

Mr J Davis

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