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Colin Potter - 2nd Degree

Colin Potter is another student, along with myself, of Master R. Dennis VII. When I moved to London from Scotland and started training with Master Dennis there were many good black belts already in the class and Colin was one of them. They were good training times around 2005 - 2010. 

I am very proud to say that Mr Potter started attending my classes in Banstead shortly after the school kicked off and we have trained well together since then. Mr Potter practiced in the Banstead classes and then was successful in being awarded his 2nd Degree by Master Dennis and is currently and essential part of the Banstead TaeKwon-Do Instructor line up, as without him we wouldn't have the TKD Condensed Encyclopedia in verbal format available so readily. Colin starts teaching every Wednesday class for us. 

Mr Potter teaches with Master Dennis on Fridays and with us on Mondays and Wednesday. 

We hope that over the next year or so Mr Potter can progress to 3rd Degree.

Matt Thomas - 1st Degree

Matt Thomas became the first student of mine that became Blackbelt, he was examined and promoted my Master Russell Dennis VII. After a gruelling test Matt showed some excellent self defence and power test.

Andy Palacpac - 1st Degree Blackbelt

Andy Palacpac became 1st Degree blacbelt in currently the most impressive way possible. Andy shows great technical ability, excellent jumping skills, and good intelligence in sparring. However, during his first Degree exam he suffered a terrible injury, he dislocated his shoulder while sparring. Knowing he still had the most demanding stages of the grading to follow (power tests, jumping kick tests, self defence, 1 step sparring) he chose to show excellent perseverence and strap his arm to his chest and continue his grading 1 handed. 

He was promoted to 1st Degree by Master Russell Dennis VII and is an excellent example of what it takes to become a Blackbelt. 

Andy injury was so bad that he has spent much of time recently in rehabilitation but after a recent operation he is well on his way to regaining full use of his arm.

Conor Graham - 1st Degree Blackbelt

Conor started Banstead TaeKwon-Do and progressed very well doing great at competitions, then he joined our seniors class and has grown in to a strong and feared sparrer. He is currently inactive because of GCSE's and A-Levels. We look forward to his return to class.

Rod Slyfield - 1st Degree Blackbelt

Rod impressed me and everyone around when he started training at a later stage in life than most people, I think he was 49 when he started. Rod trained hard at every session, and never missed a class. 

Rod trained heavily in boxing in his use and brings to the class some excellent knowledge in sparring. We are very proud to have Grandad Rod as one of our Blackbelts. 

Rod was promoted to 1st Degree by Master Russell Dennis in June 2017.

Josey Killner - 1st Degree Blackbelt

Lucy Young - 1st Degree Blackbelt

Kevin Webb - 1st Degree Blackbelt

Sabrina Singh - 1st Degree Blackbelt Junior

Aaron Duvigneau - 1st Degree Blackbelt

Ricardo Singh - 1st Degree Blackbelt

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